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We offer Massages Time from 30 to 180 minutes. Please add enough time for a short conversation, time for tracing, showering as well as undressing and changing to your booked massage time so that you can enjoy your time with us stress-free. 

All the Massage Types are fully Body Massage

30 min 170 CHF

45 min 220 CHF

60 min 270 CHF

90 min 370 CHF

120 min 470 CHF

180 min 670 CHF

4Hand Massagen Double

For another Service - please request

Wellness Massage

30 min 120 CHF

45 min 170 CHF

60 min 220 CHF

90 min 320 CHF

120 min 420 CHF


- Tantra ritual -

A wonderful experience.

The creation of the massage is new every time and is not subject to a fixed sequence. Creative, imaginative, sensual, playful and with trained intuition, we will put you in a strengthening state of relaxation with sounds, scents, feathers and towels. You will be treated on a comfortable futon.

The Tantra Massage is a holistic massage.

We will touch and energize you with devotion. Receive and enjoy this high form of the ritual art of touch as a worship of your body and your personality.

The touches vary from slow, gentle and light touches to warm, flowing movements to stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

- Body to body massages -

With the Body to Body Massage, also similar to the Tantra massages, you will be pampered with the whole body. With our body-to-body massages you will feel our beautiful whole body. The delicate hands, velvety-soft skin we will spoil you.

You will experience a feeling of incredible closeness, security and wellness.

- Caressing massages -

The caressing massage is a sensual massage ritual that focuses on letting go and devotion. The aim is to fully surrender to the gentle and very tender touches, to direct the perception inwards, into the body and to your own sensations and to expand your sensory world. The purpose of these massages is to awaken, maintain and distribute the sensual energy throughout the body.

It supports the development of sensuality and the complete perception of pleasure.

- Sensual wellness massages -

Classic relax massages combined with sensuality. A mixture of different massage techniques. Right when you need to relax deeply. The massages relieve tension.

Gently and methodically carried out stroking and touching your skin let you experience a high level of relaxation and energy with this massage. The total devotion to the moment enables the deep experience of physical and mental well-being.

If you want new relaxation horizons, we warmly welcome you to this massage.

- Four-hand massages -

The 4-hand massage achieves this inner state like hardly any other variant of the tantra massage. The head has to give up and the way is clear for the pure tenderness of this journey.

With this massage we offer you an intense experience of a special kind.

The presence of four sensitive hands puts you in a state of "no longer being able to locate". You experience exuberant sensuality and energy and your body seems to float - simply indescribable.


About Tantra

Authentic tantra massages

Special fully Body massages and worship rituals that have been woven into a true work of art. Thanks to the holistic approach of massage, all zones are completely naturally integrated.

Our Tantra Massage has a very nice, intuitive, unique structure. Every massage is unique. Meditative passages alternate with dynamic sequences. The basis and orientation of the ritual is the worship and acceptance of people as a holistic being.

Harmonizing the body

Aligning the energy pathways and balancing yin and yang (roughly speaking, these are the male and female energy partitions in the body) are the important aspects. Long afterwards you feel wonderfully vitalized.

Thanks to the different massage techniques such as BB, deep relaxation massages, stroking, you will get an unforgettable experience.

It feels like a journey into the world of sensuality.

Take a break

Feel free and enjoy the deep calm and balance.

Sensual massages are another dimension, let yourself be surprised how wonderful and relaxing it is.

Get to know yourself anew, in the rooms designed with love for it.

The pleasant, warm, tasteful, very well-kept and modernly furnished rooms ensure well-being.

We only use natural, high quality cold spread oils.

Before and after the massage, you can take a comfortable shower and still lie and relax.

We attach great importance to discretion and high standards.

Our studio is a relaxation oasis.

On the same day, we work as a maximum of two.

During your stay you will meet no other person than a massage therapist of your choice.

For your comfort and well-being with us, two appointments are never booked at the same time.


Important to know:

There is no oral or genital intercourse during all types of massage.